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A.M. Best’s Underwriting & Loss Control Center

Assess business risk accurately and easily.

Never struggle with assessing risk again. Easily find the industry classification and associated business risks you need to help your client get the insurance coverage they need.

Not as familiar with your client’s business as you’d like to be? No time to learn it before a business risk assessment is needed? A.M. Best’s Underwriting & Loss Control Center to the rescue! Perform a fully-customizable search as wide or as narrow as you please, for over 600 industry classifications, including both SIC and NAICS codes.

Search through entire reports, or limit your search to sections such as Underwriter’s Checklist or the Hazard Index. Search by keyword or text string; there are countless combinations by which to extract reports. Results include Best’s Underwriting Guide (BUG) reports and LCM (Best’s Loss Control Manual) Classifications.


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