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Broker’s Surety Analyzer

Financial analysis at your fingertips.

Designed for insurance brokers, but suitable for everyone, the Broker’s Surety Analyzer provides a quick and accurate analysis of your client’s financial information – allowing you to clearly understand the insurance options best suited for their business.

The Broker’s Surety Analyzer is an easy-to-understand Excel spreadsheet, designed to take your client’s financial information and provide understandable ratios and benchmarks tailored to your client’s industry. Simply input the information on the financial statements - the relevant financial ratios are calculated automatically and accurately every time. Enter your client’s industry, and the ratio results will be compared to industry benchmarks - automatically colour coding the results to highlight areas of concern.

Immediately see if your client’s current bonding coverage is sufficient, and easily make recommendations on steps the client can take to improve their bond worthiness, or recommend additional coverages.

The Broker’s Analyzer contains video tutorials and text help on every ratio calculated - you will become a financial literacy genius in no time! The Broker’s Analyzer also contains a wealth of information you can provide to your customer on how to improve their ratios relative to industry benchmarks - become the trusted advisor they really need.

The Broker’s Analyzer is sold as a renewable 1-year subscription.

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