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I recently enrolled in the Financial Success Training for Brokers and found the course extremely valuable. I learned a lot about how to read financials, how to interpret them, how to understand the ratios, and I recently used the analyzer with one of our major clients. We went through the complete analyzer on all their financial statements and we really revamped the business interruption. In the past we had always guessed on the Business Interruption based on some brief discussions with the client, they finally released all her financial statements to us under a confidentiality agreement. We did the calculations in the analyzer and showed those calculations to them and they were unbelievably surprised by how under-insured they were. So we ended up increasing the limits from about $10 million in total profits limit to over $20 million and also included ordinary payroll and extra expense coverage.

It made a huge difference for their company because now they’re pretty confident that they have the right limits in the event of a major disaster. It also helps us because we generated some additional revenue, have the right coverage, reduced our errors & omissions exposure and really brought some good value to the client. I would highly recommend the Financial Success Training for Brokers course.

I’ve been a commercial insurance producer for over 30 years. I took your financial course and I actually learned a lot about accounting. I’ve always been very good with numbers more receivables and payables, not all the notice to readers and that kind of stuff but it was a very good course and I appreciate what I’ve learned and I really want to try using it more. It was a great course. Very helpful and very educational.

I deal with clients on the P&C side that have bonding and I think Financial Success Training for Brokers just gave me a little bit more insight on all the information that is required in order to get bonding facilities set up and to look at the client’s financial statement in that respect, also for Business Interruption and Crime.  I thought that it was interesting especially the crime, because it’s easy. You look at it differently too because I think there’s a lot of clients that don’t have the appropriate limits that they need because of their financials and the when you filled in the information and what came back, I think we can do a lot of upselling from this as well.

The Financial Success Training course really gave me a better insight, from the underwriters perspective, on some of the ratios and calculations; understanding where these numbers are coming from and where the concerns are coming from  because you look at some of the numbers and you think they’re okay but once you crunch it through there are some trends or indicators that you see can see that you wouldn’t be able to see just from a brief overview. I hadn’t really dealt too much with the cash flow side, but I now understand how important that can be in the analysis and discussions with the client. I think that’s added to my broker knowledge.

I have really enjoyed Financial Success Training for Brokers.  It is by far the most useful financial course I have ever taken, well presented and fun (if you can say that about accounting!)

We had a number of our staff go through the Financial Success Training program with great success. 

The online tool was a substantial benefit where all participants were able to cover the material at their own pace. By the end of the program, we had achieved our goals and the feedback from our staff was excellent.

Enjoyed the video style of presentation after a long day it was nice to be able to listen as opposed to more reading.

This is absolutely fantastic! Revitalizing. It is just what I needed after a year and a half in the business - it has started to recharge my batteries and provide me with the tools that are necessary to grow my book of business.

I watched the Aviation Insurance video last night and I thought it was really good.  The pilots were very informative and cool to watch. Seeing the planes up close in the hangar and getting detail from the pilot about each one was fantastic! I thought you asked all the right questions too, everything that I needed to know.

We really love the online video format… why would I drive to another seminar?  Our seats were way more comfortable!

It was my pleasure to have taken the Financial Success Training course with you these last few weeks. I found the information on the balance sheet, income statement and cash statement very helpful to get re-acquainted with the financials and understand how the numbers correlate when an underwriter is considering a risk.

I really loved the practical aspects of the course, especially the analyzer, which allowed us to use actual client information and interpret it in a way that allows us to tell the story of where a company is at in their financial history and where they are headed.

It is a great tool which we can use to invoke conversations with our clients that shows we are differentiating ourselves and them in the marketplace. It also shows we are using all available resources to market their bonding requirements in a way that will prove to be more successful for us and them. Thanks again!

Everything I’d hoped for and more!  On top of Julie Vaillancourt (Commercial Liability Part 1) being knowledgeable and well-spoken, the photography is amazing!


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